Featured Artist: Wid Saputro

Kingdom Tales Kickstarter Artist: Wid SaputroWidhi Saputro lives in Jakarta, in his native country of Indonesia. Although he excels at artistic concept and design, it is even more remarkable that he has never had any formal training. Widhi recalls that his passion for drawing developed in early childhood. He simply loved drawing. He gained skills by watching how other artists worked and by using the internet as a learning tool. As he prepared for a career in architecture, he found that he could not dismiss his passion for creative art, so he began to apply disciplines learned in his architectural training to further develop his artistic talent.

Though his early work was produced along traditional lines, he realized that he could leverage the power of the digital age by rendering his artwork on his computer. Widhi is quick to note that mastering artistic skills is a life-long process. He continues to study caricatures and classical, Renaissance and Indonesian art to gain a greater understanding of style, perspective, color, and composition. In addition to his personal work, Widhi makes a living as a creative design artist in an animation studio.

Because his first love for art developed by reading children’s books, Widhi was delighted to become a part of the Tales of the Kingdom project through 99 Designs. He expressed his appreciation, saying that he was thankful for “how open minded [we were] about his exploring various themes and approaches,” and how we helped him to improve his skill sets.

Widhi, we appreciate you also. We are proud to include your work in the 2015 Princess Amanda and the Dragon Wall Calendar and Poster and we are thankful that we have been able to get to know you.

You can view Widhi Saputro’s online portfolio and see his incredible illustration of Amanda and the Dragon, created for the 2015 Princess Amanda and the Dragon Wall Calendar and Poster, by going here.

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