Go for the Goal – David Wise

Go for the Goal – David WiseThe 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia are almost over, but, on March 7th, the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games open for 10 additional days. What better time to use Mainstay’s Go for the Goal sermon series. As support material for our Go for the Goal series, we have been offering a special series of stories that spotlight Winter Olympians whose Goal is to honor Jesus Christ.

David and Alexandra Wise are the youth leaders at Valley View Christian Fellowship in Reno, Nevada. As of Tuesday, February 18th, 2014, David is also an Olympic Champion. While the city of Reno was asleep, David won the gold medal in Halfpipe Skiing at Sochi.

David is perfectly willing to confirm what the word pretty much already knows about the party atmosphere of freestyle skiing and snowboarding competition, but he is also quick to point out that he does not live the X-Games lifestyle. As he says, “I’m going to do the best I can to be a big part of this sport, but who I am is who I am.” He says that “Faith plays a huge role, because it enables me to be confident. I can trust God, and He’s going to see me through.”

You might be led to believe that David’s skiing success is due in large part to living at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and within a short distance from some of the best skiing facilities in the U.S. That it is a part of his success is undeniable. It is difficult to ski in a wheat field. But he looks at the big picture for his overall, personal success.

“If I’m not spiritually in tune, then the rest of me is not going to be in tune either.” He says that he always tries to begin his day with some quiet time, during which his purpose it to “really feel connected to God and what He’s trying to say or speak into my life.”

Like the “wise” man who built his house upon the rock, David Wise has chosen to be more than a hearer of the Word and to be pleasing to the Lord by living his life in conformity to it. Or, as he says, “I’d rather be known for my actions rather than my words.”

In a sad postscript to this story, a commentator for NBC apparently referred to David’s faith as an “alternative lifestyle.” We need to understand that it is becoming increasingly more important for believers in Christ to let our light shine in this ever-darkening world.

Headlines everywhere should have proclaimed, “Wise Man Earns Olympic Gold.”

Source material for this story included the Christian Post, The Washington Times and Slate.

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