Kickstarter Artist: Irina Voloshina

Kingdom Tales Kickstarter Artist: Irina VoloshinaIf you are a mastermind when it comes to World Geography, then you might know exactly where Irina Voloshina hails from!  She currently resides in Chisina, the capital of Moldova – a small country in the geographical center of Europe between Ukraine and Romania.  Through the miracle of the Internet, however, she was able to participate in the program of seeking new art for The Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

“I have been drawing my whole life,” she shared when asked when her interest in art began.  “In fact, I always found it easier to ‘draw’ than to ‘tell.’”

With such a close relationship with art, it is not surprising that she graduated from an Art High School, and then went on to the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute in Lviv (Western Ukraine), where she became a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.  Her full-time occupation finds her designing packaging for meat and dairy products, concentrating on the advertising aspect of the packaging.

“I particularly like to work with ink line drawings,” she explained, “because that medium does not allow for corrections.  Rather, one must be especially precise and focused.”

Irina came across the Tales of the Kingdom competition at 99 Designs after a former student forwarded her the link.  She has participated in other such competitions, always enjoying the creation of characters.

“I found myself especially affected by this project” she shared, “as I had real empathy when the girl had to destroy that which she had helped to grow up.  Much of my free time and money are dedicated to taking care of homeless dogs, many of whom I have dealt with from birth, so I had special feelings towards this project.”

Irina describes herself as reticent, satisfied with a place to work; books to read; and a sense of peace with those she loves – her family and the animals that need her!

You can view Irina Voloshina’s online portfolio and see her amazing illustration of Amanda and the Dragon, created for the 2015 Princess Amanda and the Dragon Wall Calendar, by going here.

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