Artist Profile: Katalin Kovács

Kingdom Tales Kickstarter Artist: Katalin KovacsWhen she was only 11 years old, Katalin “Katyus” Kovács began attending art school. She later studied advertising design at Partium Christian University in Oradea, Romania to develop the skills that have made her the talented artist that she is today.

The Tales of the Kingdom project was an ideal fit for Katyus, because illustrating books – especially children’s books – is her favorite medium. She told us that she was excited about the 99 Design contest and the Tales of the Kingdom, “from the first moment, the first impression, when I read the story, until the last part of the project.” Her excitement can literally be seen in her art.

Not all that many years ago, it might have been difficult for a woman in the small village of Bäile Tuşnad, Romania, to make it to the international stage with her artwork. But with the emergence of the internet, this young lady in this quaint village in the mountain valley alongside the Olt River, some three-and-one-half hours north of Bucharest, is now receiving world-wide recognition.

Her dream as a child became her passion and, eventually, her passion burst into flames to become a reality. We are honored to welcome Katyus to our family of friends around the world.

The transformation of her ideas into a beautiful illustration has helped to make the 2015 Princess Amanda and the Dragon Wall Calendar very special.

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