Kickstarter Artist: Lorraine Barreras

Kingdom Tales Kickstarter Artist: Lorraine BarrerasAs you undoubtedly already know, the term “art” lends itself to a multitude of genres – and that number is ever increasing. In fact, one of the newest ones, Digital Art, is one that Lorraine Barreras especially enjoys delving into.

“There are actually two areas,” Barreras shares, “that I currently enjoy working in – Digital and Acrylic.”

Barreras states that she has spent her whole life interested in art!

“Since I was able to pick up a pencil,” she explained with a big smile, “I have been drawing something.”

Most of her training as an artist during her childhood years was self-training. Once she reached high school, however, she pursued it a little more actively, though her high school did not exactly have a host of programs to participate in. As a result, she pursued her interests in both writing and music.

“When it came time for college, however,” she shared, “I concentrated on the art programs there and that really allowed me to expand my talents and abilities.”

Her main areas of artistic pursuit center around fantasy and animals – especially coyotes and sparrows! She involved herself with 99Designs to gain more exposure for her efforts and to enjoy the challenge of the time frames that its projects present.

“I completed the project in about five days,” she replied when asked how long it took her to prepare her artwork. “I had a fair number of drafts as I went along, always trying to tweak them and make them better. And,” she added with another big smile, “dragon scales take aaaaages to finish!”

While 99Designs provides an excellent opportunity for her to gain exposure and compete with other talented individuals, Barreras makes her living by doing comic book conventions.

“It’s a lot of fun,” she explained, “and I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere they provide.”

Barreras was thankful that she was able to participate in our program, and we are thankful that she did!

You can view Lorraine Barreras’ online portfolio and see her captivating illustration of Amanda and the Dragon, created for the 2015 Princess Amanda and the Dragon Wall Calendar, by going here.

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