You have our deepest gratitude!

David and Karen MainsSeveral months ago when we started planning the Kickstarter Campaign with our son Randall Mains, head of Pathmaker Marketing, we went back and forth wondering what amount would be best to set for our Project Goal—that critical point where no funding is received if the Goal is not reached.

When we evaluated our financial needs to republish 3 books against our perceived capacities of a crowd funding channel, we actually wondered if $6,000 would be too much to reach for!

Here we are at the end of our Campaign with $38,316 in pledges sitting at # 14 in Kickstarter’s all-time Most Funded Children’s Book projects, from over 2,994 projects on Earth!

This is deeply moving to us because we wanted this effort to honor our son, Jeremy Mains, and his love for the wide variety of people on this beautiful yet tragic planet. The three books of the Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy, as long as they are in print, will stand as a memorial to Jeremy who died November 5, 2013 of an acute and rare lymphoma. He was 41 years of age, and as theologians often say, was filled with amor mundi—love for the world.

When we read through the Backer’s list, we are also touched by the generous support from old friends and from new! THANK YOU!

Throughout this Campaign there were email exchanges and Facebook comments that shared with us of the value and impact of these books – reminders that we humans often work beyond our own capacities through that strange and undefinable activity called God-given inspiration.

Simply put, the impact of these three books on many readers is more than our creative energies combined could produce. So, we look back with gratitude to have been present at their inception and nativity. Like Jeremy, going out into the world he loved, they continually surprise us. And as we prepare this special 30th anniversary edition for you to receive before Christmas 2014, we pray and hope they will continue to surprise and delight your family for many years to come!

Thank you deeply for giving us this opportunity! Thank you deeply for letting us honor our son!

David & Karen Mains
To the King! To the Restoration!