It Is A Joy for Authors to Receive Letters from Children

by: Karen Mains

Kingdom Tales Kickstarter CampaignIt is a joy to receive letters like this one, written on lined school tablet paper where the envelope is addressed with a pencil:

Dear David and Karen Mains,

My name is Calvin. I am seven years old. I love your Tales of the Kingdom series. I read it at lunch every day. My favorite book is Tales of the Resistance. I like it because it has a lot of action. Sincerely, Calvin.

Did you get the fact that Calvin is seven?

It is a joy to receive letters like this one, hand- written by close friends’ son when he was in his early teens:

Dear Uncle David and Aunt Karen,

I’ve read your second book! (Tales of the Resistance, which isn’t really your second book!) It’s gotta be one of the best books I’ve ever read! I really want to encourage you guys to write a third! The concepts and principles as well as the excitement and adventure make it fantastic, but I could of expected that when two geniuses like you get together! Right now I’m on a plane over Utah writing this letter after just finishing reading your book. I’m dying to know what happens with Amanda and Hero!—so please hurry and write another one! Well, I gotta go! I just want you to know what you’re doing in my point of view is really going to benefit the Kingdom! Keep up the good work!


Love, Shadd.

Did you get the fact that Shadd (who now has his own adult novel circulating with an agent) was in his teens when he wrote this?

I weep when I receive letters like this, typed on professional stationery:

Your books Tales of the Kingdom and Tales of the Resistance have meant a great deal to me and the people I help. I am a psychologist working with Satanic abuse victims most of whom were raised in multi-generational cults. One of the ways I have found to reach into their shattered lives is to read to them out of your books. Now, reading stories may not seem like your vision of psychotherapy but since I encounter many cases of multi-personality disorder, it is necessary to do quite a bit of re-parenting and teaching. Your moving stories provide a deeply stirring way to reach this need. Enclosed is a drawing that Mary E.—one survivor—drew about story time at my office. She identified with many of the characters but none more than the girl in the pig pen. Doubletalk seemed all too familiar, but it was good to know that the King knew about such things.

Chris lived a life of terror and isolation. She eventually developed a fantasy world of her own. Her idea of God and mine were very different. God touched her soul when the King entered the world of the carnival in your story—even if I had trouble making sound effects like fireworks—BLA-CHEW-AH!

Did you notice the age of this writer and the clients he was helping? They are all adults. That’s why we say that the Kingdom Tales Trilogy is written for children of all ages. They are written to reach the child in age and the child within.

Perhaps you can also see why we are working so hard (and bothering you all with notices) to get these books back into print. Not only do all ages—children, teens (college kids) and adults love them, but many somehow when used by skilled hands, in many lives, the power of the Enemy (the Enchanter) is defeated.


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