Tales of the Kingdom Illustrator: Zhivko Zhelev

Kingdom Tales Kickstarter Artist: Zhivko ZhelevAs we near the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we are thrilled to introduce you to Zhivko Zhelev, the illustrator for the new editions of Tales of the Kingdom! You’ve been seeing his breathtaking illustrations all over our blogs and Kickstarter page and now we want you to get to know him as we have.

It isn’t a surprise that Bulgarian artist, Zhivko Zhelev, was chosen as a winner in the Tales of the Kingdom art competition – or that he was chosen to be the new illustrator for the trilogy. Artistically talented from a young age, Zhivko entered his first International Competition at age seven and came in fourth place. During his teenage years, he studied at a fine art High School and went on to attend the university where he studied informatics and continued to develop his abilities as an illustrator. Today, living in beautiful Plovdiv, Bulgaria, he continues to work diligently to enhance and improve his skills.

“I have a broad spectrum of creative areas I like to pursue,” he explained when asked his favorite medium to work in. But, while he loves to draw in virtually every medium, he usually finds himself coming back to oil and acrylic on canvas or digital painting.

Zhivko has a passion to draw anything connected with Fantasy. However, the thing that inspires him the most is nature. “When you think about it,” Zhivko explained, “you can find virtually everything in nature. That’s why I LOVE to go out in the wild when I need inspiration.”

To determine who influences his work the most is no easy task. Zhivko admires a wide range of artists, from Salvador Dali to Norman Rockwell. At this point in time, Zhivko aspires to do either a movie or an AAA game title, as he feels either of these would influence many people. Because the Tales of the Kingdom trilogy is so well loved and has been so influential, he feels that becoming the illustrator for the new editions is a big step toward fulfilling that dream.

Zhivko now has more than eleven years of professional experience in the art world and has been a designer and illustrator for many projects including books, music album covers, movie posters and more. He has been part of many exhibitions in places like Vien, Austria where he displays his traditional artwork – and his photography! Photography is Zhivko’s hobby. He describes himself as a “passionate photographer” who likes “more mountains than the sea”.

While art is a major part of Zhivko’s life, his family is his pride and joy. Zhivko says attending university gave him “many great contacts, including my wife, the most good and beautiful contact ever”. Together, he and his beloved wife have a four-year-old son, whom he describes as “the most cool, funny, and curious”!

Like so many others, Zhivko wants to encourage those who are just beginning to pursue a career in art. He has great advice that comes from his own years of experience. He challenges young artists to “Never stop trying – even if success doesn’t come quickly” and to “work hard and advance yourself by improving your skills”. He reminds them that, “in most cases, work beats talent. It’s 90% work and 10% talent. If there is a recipe for that, that’s it”.

You can view Zhivko Zhelev’s online portfolio and see one of his incredible illustrations for Tales of the Kingdom by going here.

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